Positive report for Argyll and Bute’s Education Service

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Published Date: 

7 Dec 2017 - 16:08


Education Scotland has today (Thursday) published a report in which they noted that: “Argyll and Bute Council has made sound progress in improving the quality of leadership and now has a considerably greater capacity for further improvement. There is now a clear vision for Education, as outlined in the Council’s strategy document: Our Children, Their Future.”


The report highlights a number of positive improvements including:




  • most primary pupils’ attainment is in line with national expectations,

  • at the secondary stages attainment in National Qualifications has improved considerably in a number of key measures and on leaving school, almost all young people achieve a positive, sustained destination,

  • attendance rates remain above the national average and he number of children excluded from school are below national averages,

  • the Authority has significantly improved how it collects and analyses performance data,

  • engagement of central officers with schools has improved considerably over the last 12 months, and

  • Elected Members, including new Members, now benefit from educated-related training opportunities and from regular briefings.


Policy Lead, Councillor Yvonne McNeilly, said:


“We are proud of the report and the recognition of the high number of improvements which have been made as a direct result of the hard work and commitment of staff, pupils and parents across the Authority. The report demonstrates children are getting a good foundation for learning when they start their education and are leaving us well equipped to build happy, prosperous lives”.


“Our focus has been on using this inspection process to build on our strengths, and deliver improvement where needed for the benefit of all of our children and young people”.


Actions taken by the Authority to secure improvement range from school review visits involving central support team officers, managers and peer staff from other schools, to firmly embedding the Council’s Education vision ‘Our Children, Their Future’, a key driver for the work of all Education staff.


The report also indicates areas for further development by the Council which include improving outcomes for Looked After Children, and continued analysis of performance data.


Councillor McNeilly concluded:


“We welcome the findings of this report which recognises the improvements and hard work of everyone across the Authority and remain committed to the delivery of our vision, ‘Our Children, Their Future’: ambition, excellence and equality for all our young people.”


The ‘Our Children, Their Future’ vision, and other education news, are available on the council’s website: www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/education-update.

A copy of the full inspection report can be accessed at: https://education.gov.scot/other-sectors/education-authority/688165