Name and board announced for new leisure trust

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22 Aug 2017 - 17:02

The new Trust that will deliver leisure and library services for people across Argyll and Bute will be called ‘Live Argyll’ and will be led by a Board whose members bring both public and private sector experience to benefit the new organisation.


Live Argyll will be responsible for library and leisure services currently delivered by Argyll and Bute Council, when it officially becomes a Trust later this year.


The Council took the decision to develop a Trust as part of its work to protect services: Trusts offer many financial and commercial benefits that can help to sustain the future of these services in the face of growing pressure on public spending.


The Trust’s Board will be made up of three members of the public (appointed after a rigorous recruitment process), three councillors and a trade union representative.


Andrew Nisbet, Chair of the Board, has spent his working life in the design, management and delivery of public services, both as a senior manager for public sector organisations and as a private sector consultant working for and advising local authorities.


He is joined by Mairi Coleman and Charles Brody. Originally from Lochgilphead, Mairi is a head of human resources in the banking industry, whilst Charles is a retired senior banker now living in Scotland, having spent most of his working life in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar.


Councillors Jim Anderson, Graham Hardie and Jim Lynch will represent Argyll and Bute Council. Mary Watt will provide the trade union contribution.


The Council’s Policy Lead for Communities, Councillor Robin Currie said: “Work to develop Live Argyll is progressing very well. We have a board that brings together expertise, enthusiasm and energy to make this work for Trust employees and for everyone who will use these services.


“The aim of the Trust will be to deliver services that improve people’s lives, and to do this as a team, by drawing on the views and expertise of employees and with a firm focus on the needs of customers.


“The Trust’s name reflects this. We wanted something of course that explains what the leisure trust is about, and is memorable. The idea for Live Argyll came from employees, and is about underlining that these services will be here to help young and old live healthy, happy lives.”


The Trust is on track to go live on 2October this year.