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1 Aug 2017 - 10:04

LOCAL residents planning work at their home are being reminded to check with the council whether they need planning permission.

Many small-scale developments may not need planning permission, which can save people time and money.

Under ‘permitted development’, some work can go ahead without the need to apply to the council.

Full details can be found on the planning pages of the council website, which have been upgraded to provide a one-stop shop for planning and building advice and services.

There are a number of types of alterations or extensions covered by permitted development.

Examples include building a boundary wall garden shed, porch, putting up solar panels and certain garden structures, all subject to certain sizes and height restrictions.

Policy Lead for Planning and Regulatory Services, Councillor David Kinniburgh, said: “If you are a householder and want to carry out improvements to your home, I would ask that you check with our planning department whether planning consent is required before going ahead.

“Information is provided on the Council website which gives guidance on what works require planning permission and which forms you need to complete. Planning staff can be contacted via the website if further help is needed.”

If the proposed development is within a conservation area or involves a listed building, it is likely that planning permission will be needed as the rules are stricter.

Most external  alterations to business premises will need consent, including shop and office extensions, alterations to shop fronts, and external security shutters and grilles.

Anyone who does need planning permission can use the Council’s pre-planning application service, which has been improved to make it more streamlined and speedy.

Charges for the service will be levied from 1 August for some development. There will be no fee for householder and small-scale development.

For more information on this and on all other planning and building standards matters, see: