Digital Hub to open its doors

Published Date: 

3 Apr 2017 - 14:52

Dunoon’s Digital Hub will open its doors to members of the public later this month to showcase its work and demonstrate the ways which young people have benefitted since it was created.

The Digital Hub provides an outreach service and enables young people to explore computer science and technology learning.

It was created earlier this year by Argyll and Bute Council’s digital learning team following a successful grant application for £19,925 from Digital Xtra – a scheme which is funded by the Scottish Government Digital Skills Business Excellence Partnership.  The council also contributed towards the costs. 

Since opening, the hub has gone from strength to strength, with more than 1,000 young people across Argyll and Bute having already benefitted. The service is also exploring the benefits of establishing a network of extra-curricular learning hubs in each of the council’s four main geographical areas.

To celebrate its success, two open events will be held on Monday 24th April.

These will take place at the Digital Hub, Kirk Street, Dunoon, at the following times:

2pm until 3.30pm – register online -

6pm until 7.30pm – register online -

Go along and see the wonderful work which is being done and the cutting edge digital technology being offered to the town’s young people.

Gary Clark, the council’s Acting Education Support Officer said: “The Digital Hub has been a huge success. Using drones, programmable Lego, robotics and Raspberry Pi’s we have introduced computer programming to young people in a fun way.

“We will continue to provide exciting technology learning opportunities to help our children and young people to become creators of digital content rather than just being consumers of technology.

“It is important to give our young people a choice in where they live and work and the technology sector provides a number of remote working and company start-up opportunities.

“We aim to inspire our young people to think creatively about technology and consider how it can improve the lives of people across the world.”