Argyll and Bute is top performing Scottish council for information technology

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Published Date: 

21 Apr 2017 - 15:35

Argyll and Bute Council is the top performing local authority for information technology in Scotland - according to the latest Socitm benchmarking results.

The report found that the council’s ICT service has a relatively low cost base with excellent performance and improving customer satisfaction level.

The council is rated first of the 11 councils who participated in the bi-annual survey and 15th in a UK league of 85 – comparing extremely favourably against major London boroughs, metropolitan and other rural authorities. 

Socitm is the society for IT professionals in the public sector and undertakes the bi-annual benchmarking of ICT services survey – covering all aspects of operational, financial and strategic ICT matters.

Judy Orr, Argyll and Bute Council’s, Head of Customer and Support Services, said: 

“These are pleasing and positive results and provide a valuable insight into our information technology service delivery.

“So much of the council’s day to day business depends on IT such as phone calls, emails and online services. It can also contribute to making savings in challenging times by developing options for digital services which also save time.

“We will fully analyse the data, which allows us to measure our performance against the other local authorities in the three main categories of cost, performance and user satisfaction.

“The report findings will inform future development plans and customer service priorities and help focus on further improving all aspects of service delivery and further enhancing our customer satisfaction.”