Council welcomes island housing investment

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27 Sep 2016 - 13:20

Argyll and Bute Council has welcomed an announcement by the Scottish Government last week to build more affordable homes on Scottish islands.

The £5 million affordable homes fund will provide money for up to 100 new homes over the next three years.

This investment is on top of the existing £25 million Rural Housing Fund for the building of new homes and refurbishment of existing properties in rural areas.

The Council's Policy Lead for Islands, Provost Len Scoullar said: "This is an extremely welcome announcement.

“Living on an island myself I know firsthand what a wonderful, unique way of life it is. However, I also know how important affordable housing is in retaining islanders and to those considering relocating to an island.

“This funding will enable people to make easier life choices and will help us to inspire others to see that Argyll and Bute is a wonderful place where people choose to live, learn, work and do business.”