People in Campbeltown urged to apply for GM Duncan bequest

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31 Oct 2016 - 15:11

People living in Campbeltown are being invited to apply for a £25 voucher from the town’s GM Duncan Bequest.

When Major George Melville Duncan passed away in 1958, he bequeathed money to the then Campbeltown Town Council for the ‘benefit of the poor of the Burgh in the form of gifts, of fuel, clothing and foodstuffs during the winter months’.

Campbeltown residents are therefore invited to apply to the bequest in order to receive a voucher which can be used at selected local retailers.

The application process has a number of filters to ensure that the use of the funds meet the terms of the bequest. The first of these filters is that only one application per household is allowed and will generally not be considered where the income of the household is above £100 per person, per week.

A board of trustees will evaluate each application and determine awards in relation to each approved form.

Application forms are available from the Customer Services Department, Campbeltown Service Point, Burnett Building, St John Street, Campbeltown, and should be returned no later than Wednesday 16th November 2016.