Funding secured to develop new path in Rosneath

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21 Oct 2016 - 10:31

Multi-use path to link B833 with local caravan park

People in Rosneath can look forward to a new path linking the B833 with Castle Park after Argyll and Bute Council was successful in securing £15,000 match funding from Sustrans Scotland.

Work is about to begin on the development phase of the project. With a survey completed, detailed designs and costs in place the council can then look to secure further external funding to build the path.

Councillor Robert G MacIntyre, the council’s Depute Policy Lead for Roads and Amenity Services, welcomed the news, saying:

“We’re delighted to have secured the funding to do the necessary background work. It’s a two stage process – we need all of our designs and costs in place before we can go for the funding to build the path.

“We’ve done a lot of work in the background to get the project to this stage. It’s great to see it taking shape. The path is much needed – it will provide a safe walking and cycling route for visitors at the caravan park to get into the village to access local amenities, as well as giving easy access from Rosneath to the marine businesses and sailing school.

“This is really good news. The council is committed to improving the footway networks throughout the area, keeping people connected and providing the opportunity to live active, healthier lives.

“Going forward, the strategic transport team, we will be applying for future funding to make further improvements to the cycling and walking network throughout the council area.

“We share the Scottish Government’s vision that, by 2020, 10% of everyday journeys will be made by bike.”

Lucy Clarke, Community Links Officer at Sustrans Scotland said:

“We’re pleased to be able to offer our support to the development of the Rosneath path through our Community Links programme grant fund. The project is an excellent example of how we and local authorities can work in partnership to help facilitate more sustainable travel options for members of the public.

“The path will offer the community a wide variety of benefits, including benefits to the local economy, people’s health and the environment. By improving active travel conditions for the public’s day-to-day movements, our hope is that society at large will increasingly choose to walk and cycle for shorter journeys rather than taking the car.

“Sustrans Scotland’s Community Links Programme provides grant funding to all 32 local authorities in Scotland for the creation of infrastructure that enables more people to cycle and walk for more of their daily trips, and we look forward to continuing to fund further projects in the future.”