Council expresses support for British Army reserve unit in Lochgilphead

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Published Date: 

5 Oct 2016 - 14:52

Argyll and Bute Council is supportive of British Army plans to base a reserve unit in Lochgilphead. 

At the recent council meeting Captain Tommy Blair of 7 SCOTS outlined the aim to elected members. He said there is the potential to base a unit of 30 reservists, which would utilise the existing Cadet Centre in the town – described as being an excellent facility.

Argyll and Bute’s Provost Len Scoullar said: “The council was extremely impressed with the plans put forward by the Army. This will help create opportunities for people to undertake meaningful training and we would be pleased to welcome the 7 SCOTS reserve unit to Argyll and Bute.”

Captain Blair said: “This is an opportunity for the people of Argyll and Bute to develop themselves and careers by enhancing teamwork, decision making and leadership skills as well as staying in the local area.”

He concluded that the once a week training would commence shortly and would be specifically tailored to people staying in Argyll and Bute - including seasonal workers and students.