Argyll and Bute Council asks– what matters most to you?

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29 Nov 2016 - 08:53

With the funding it receives from the Scottish Government expected to significantly reduce again in 2017/18, Argyll and Bute Council is asking residents what matters most to them about the work the council does.

Council Leader, Councillor Dick Walsh explains:

“We will continue to deliver services that people need now and we will continue working to deliver benefits for Argyll and Bute in the longer term.

What we are able to do depends obviously on funding. As our funding decreases, the need for change increases.

Everything we do matters. We would love to do everything our communities want us to, but continually falling funding means that that just isn’t an option. It means that we must consider what matters most, for our people and our area.

Over eighty per cent of council funding for local services is provided by the Scottish Government. The Scottish Government has indicated that it will be significantly cutting council funding.

Argyll and Bute Council has a strong track record in financial management and achieving efficiencies to help manage financial cuts over the last 10 years. We have made millions of pounds of savings over recent years. Decisions made last year already bring £2.5 million savings for 2017/18. We have recently also identified a further £1.4 million of efficiency savings for 2017/18 without impact on communities.

We expect our funding to be confirmed later in December. We must decide our budget in February.

Therefore, while we wait for the facts of our funding allocation, we would like to hear people’s views, to help us match the work of the council to what matters most to our residents in as far as funding reductions will allow.”

The council has launched a consultation today, 28 November, inviting views on what matters most about the role and services of the council, on making savings and on the council and communities working together.

Councillor Walsh continued:

“These are the toughest of times for councils and ultimately for our communities. I would encourage everyone to please take a few minutes to respond to the consultation and so help us put to the best use possible whatever level of funding we receive.”

The consultation is available on-line at Printed copies will be available in libraries and customer service points from week beginning 12 December or by calling 01546 604171. It runs until 9 January 2017.