Voting deadlines fast approaching

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6 Apr 2016 - 16:34

Time is running out for people to sign up if they want to vote by post or proxy in this year's Scottish Parliament Election on Thursday 5th May.

Anyone can vote by post as long as they have applied to do so by completing the appropriate form, which can be downloaded by visiting:

This option is particularly useful for people who are on holiday during the election or who cannot get to a polling station.

All applications for a postal vote must be returned to your local electoral registration office by 5pm on Tuesday 19th April.

The application process is similar for people who wish to vote by proxy and nominate someone else to vote for them. Anyone can act as a proxy as long as they are registered to vote.

The proxy form can be downloaded by visiting

New proxy applications must be received by your local electoral registration office by 5pm Tuesday 26th April.  In certain circumstances, emergency proxy votes can be applied for up to 5pm on polling day – any enquiries about an emergency proxy vote should be directed to the Electoral Registration Office Freephone number on 0800 980 0470.