Argyll and Bute Council appoints new Chief Executive

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Published Date: 

20 Apr 2016 - 11:09

Cleland Sneddon, currently Executive Director of Community Services, has been appointed as the new Chief Executive of Argyll and Bute Council.


Councillor Dick Walsh, Leader of the Council said:


“We are delighted to welcome Cleland to the role of Chief Executive of Argyll and Bute Council. Cleland brings a wealth of experience and insight that will serve Argyll and Bute well.


We interviewed a very strong field of candidates, all of whom had skills and experience of value.


In Cleland we will have a Chief Executive who understands the challenges, priorities and opportunities of our council and of our area. We will have a Chief Executive whose broad experience of local government and commitment to Argyll and Bute ensures focus on and action for the prosperous future the area deserves.


I look forward to working with Cleland in delivering progress for the Council and for Argyll and Bute.”


Cleland said:


“I have been proud to serve Argyll and Bute Council, as Executive Director, and am privileged now to take up the sought after role of its Chief Executive.


Argyll and Bute is an amazing part of Scotland with outstanding potential. The Council has a significant part to play in supporting and providing for our communities and in delivering future prosperity by turning economic opportunities into economic growth. Our staff are very much the key to our success; we have a loyal, committed and enterprising workforce and I am looking forward to working with them.


I will work tirelessly as Chief Executive, with our employees, elected members and partners, to make Argyll and Bute Council the best we can be, and to deliver the prosperity that means Argyll and Bute thrives.”


Cleland has worked previously for Midlothian and South Lanarkshire Councils in roles covering education, housing, HR, social work and leisure.


He joined Argyll and Bute Council, as Executive Director of Community Services, in May 2010. Community Services included social work services, education, housing and community and culture services.


The vacancy arose following the resignation of the current Chief Executive, Sally Loudon, who leaves the Council after seven years in post, to take up the role of Chief Executive of COSLA.


Cleland will take up post following Sally’s departure on 9 May.  Arrangements for filling the role of Executive Director of Community Services will be announced.