Argyll and Bute Council puts recycling first

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30 Jun 2016 - 15:40

Argyll and Bute Council today agreed its service procedures ahead of the introduction of a three-weekly household waste collection service which puts recycling first.

Councillor Ellen Morton, Policy Lead for Roads and Amenity Services, said: “Argyll and Bute Council is totally committed to recycling and despite our drastically reduced funding, we have protected recycling services. We will continue to uplift your blue (recycling) bin every two weeks and will continue to provide recycling centres.

“For people who use a recycling bag, the service will stay the same, as will the arrangements for people with food caddies and glass bins.

“We’re moving to the new system for your green (general waste) bin, collecting it every three weeks. We have seen a sharp rise in recycling since we introduced the blue bin collection service for most of the area last year, but even more can be done. There are still a lot of things people put in their green bin which could easily go in the blue bin.

“You can recycle more than you think. Recycling saves space in your green bin and saves money for council services. For every tonne of waste we put to landfill we have to pay a tax of around £80.

“Another good way to recycle and save space in your bin is home composting. Again it’s easy to do, and is a good way to reuse your garden and uncooked vegetable waste. There is lots of helpful advice on home composting on our website at:

“By recycling more – by taking time to put more of your recyclable waste into your blue bin, rather than in the general household waste bin – you will be helping the council save money in the future, money which can be spent on essential public services, as well as helping to save the planet’s natural resources, save energy and reduce the effects of climate change.

 “We are currently finalising the implementation plans and residents will be receiving detailed information through your door in the coming months. Please look out for it, as well the information on the Council website, the local press and social media.”

Blue bin – collected every two weeks

You can recycle paper, metal, cardboard and plastic containers in your blue bin.

Using your blue bin is easy. You:

·         Collect and prepare your materials for recycling

·         Rinse and squash cans, tins and plastic containers

·         Flatten your cardboard and plastic bottles

·         Place your paper, cans, tins, cardboard and clean plastic containers into your blue bin

·         Place your blue bin at the kerbside on your collection day

You can recycle more than you think. Your blue bin takes:


·         Envelopes

·         Paper food packaging

·         Magazines

·         Newspapers

·         Yellow Pages

·         Brochures

·         Catalogues

·         Leaflets

·         Wrapping paper


·         Plastic lids

·         Food trays

·         Hand wash bottles

·         Drinks bottles

·         Milk bottles

·         Shampoo bottles

·         Sauce bottles

·         Yoghurt pots


·         Cereal boxes

·         Cardboard packaging

·         Brown corrugated boxes

·         Toilet roll tubes

·         Soup, juice and milk cartons

·         Egg boxes


·         Drinks cans

·         Food tins

·         Empty aerosol cans

·         Empty paint tins

·         Aluminium

·         Metal lids

For more information on the service procedure go to:

For more information go to the refuse and recycling section of the council website.