Strategic Plan Updated to Reflect Consultation Responses

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Published Date: 

18 Jan 2016 - 16:54

From September to November 2015 Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) carried out a public consultation on its 3 Year Strategic Plan.  This Plan detailed how the HSCP intends to make changes and improvements in the way it delivers health and social care over the next three years.  It also explained what services the HSCP is responsible for, what the priorities are, why and how the HSCP decided on them.


Stephen Whiston, Head of Strategic Planning and Performance for Argyll and Bute HSCP, said, “During the Strategic Plan consultation period we received a wide range of feedback and comments from the public, staff, service users, carers and a number of other stakeholders.


“On behalf of Argyll and Bute Health and Social Care Partnership I would like to thank everyone who responded for taking the time to participate in this consultation.


“The Strategic Plan Consultation Report has now been published detailing the feedback and comments received.  This Report also outlines the key themes that emerged from the data collected which provides additional insight on the priorities and perspectives of the people living in the communities across Argyll and Bute.


“A full copy of this Consultation Report can now be downloaded from the integration website (, if you prefer a hard copy then please email us at and we will arrange for one to be posted out.


“The Strategic Plan is currently being updated to reflect the comments and feedback received during the consultation period especially across a number of key areas including care at home, learning disabilities and mental health.


“The revised Strategic Plan will be finalised over the next month and will then be presented to the Integration Joint Board of the HSCP for endorsement in March and it will then be made publicly available.”  


Notes for Editors: Following on from Scottish Government legislation NHS Highland in Argyll and Bute and Argyll and Bute Council integrated Health and Social Care Services in the form of a Health and Social Care Partnership.  The Partnership will formally go live from 1st April 2016.