Helensburgh shopfront enhancement scheme to reopen

Published Date: 

9 Feb 2016 - 15:50

Local councillors today (Tuesday 9th February) agreed to reopen the Helensburgh shopfront enhancement scheme.

Through the council’s agreement with Drum Development, the developers of the Waitrose site, £140,000 was made available for shopfront enhancements. The scheme opened in 2014 and thus far over £75,000 has been earmarked to upgrade the frontage of 20 businesses in Helensburgh town centre.

The second phase will open from 1 March to 30 June 2016, with applications to be determined in the autumn.

The council’s Policy Lead for Infrastructure, Helensburgh-based Councillor Ellen Morton, is calling on local businesses to apply: ‘’The initiative has worked really well so far, with twelve businesses in the town centre completing work to their shopfronts, and looking much the better for it, and another four jobs on site, with the remaining four due to start soon.

‘’The money is there to give businesses a little extra help towards improving the character and appearance of their buildings and, ultimately, drawing more customers through the door. It is amazing the difference some professional work can make.

‘’Economic development is not just about the millions of pounds of investment and the major public realm works and building renovations that are going on all across the council area, smaller schemes like this are just as important. We want to help each town centre develop its individuality, creating a local identity that everyone can be proud of. This is a key part of the wider regeneration of Helensburgh. All our endeavours are focused on helping local businesses grow, getting more people into our towns, whether as residents or visitors, to spend their money.

‘’We are here to administer the grants; ultimately it is for business owners themselves to get quotes and to commission the work and we will provide the funds once all the necessary paperwork is completed and statutory permissions granted. Of course our regeneration team will be on hand to provide advice and will be making every effort to streamline the grant process and make it as user friendly as possible.’’

For further information contact Leanne Stewart at leanne.stewart@argyll-bute.gov.uk or on 01546 604382