Argyll and Bute Council welcomes the news of further investment by the Scottish Government in the A83 Rest and Be Thankful

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26 Jan 2016 - 16:47

At yesterday’s meeting of the A83 task force Transport Minister Derek Mackay MSP confirmed a £6.6million investment in the A83, with £4million being committed specifically to landslide mitigation measures, ensuring Argyll and Bute can remain open for business during periods of adverse weather.

Argyll and Bute Council’s Policy Lead for Roads, Councillor Ellen Morton, attended the meeting and said afterwards: ‘’The council warmly welcomes this investment from the Scottish Government and its continuing commitment to ensuring Argyll and Bute remains open for business. This is a critical route and we are happy to see that the Scottish Government remains focused, as we are, on giving people the confidence that access to Argyll is maintained at all times.

‘’This additional work should further mitigate the effects of landslips and the improvements to the Old Military Road will continue to give people a number of choices to get into Argyll and Bute, with alternative road and ferry routes also available.

‘’Being prepared to respond to bad weather is one thing but taking action which will ensure permanent access is clearly the best long-term goal. We are committed to doing all that we as a local authority can do but it is only that Scottish Government than can deliver a permanent solution. We are pleased that we continue to have these positive strategic meetings and work with our partners at national government level and on the A83 task force to move this forward

‘’We need to find the best practical, affordable solution that we can.’’