Are you interested in bidding for a major works contract to redevelop Helensburgh’s Hermitage Park?

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23 Feb 2016 - 10:29

Meet the buyer event, Thursday 10th March, 10.30am – 1pm, Victoria Halls, Helensburgh

Argyll and Bute Council will soon be issuing a tender for a contract in the region of £2million for the major redevelopment of Helensburgh’s Hermitage Park.

Anyone interested in bidding for the contract itself or sub-contracting for smaller works is invited to a meet the buyer event where they can speak to both the project and procurement teams.

With the help of funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, this ambitious project will breathe new life into the park and support the council’s overall aim to grow the population and boost economic growth.

The works to be tendered are likely to include:

·         Both hard and soft landscaping

·         Upgrading of the footpath and drainage network

·         Installation of new outdoor furniture and signage

·         Demolition of surplus structures

·         Construction of a new pavilion

·         Specialist works on the A-listed war memorial

·         Upgrading the play area and associated recreational spaces

The event will also include a site visit, allowing potential contractors to see the area for themselves.

Policy Lead for Customer and Support Services (the service area in which the council’s procurement team sits), Councillor Dick Walsh, said: “This is a major contract opportunity and we want to provide as much information, advice and support as possible, helping companies navigate the often tricky public sector procurement path.

‘’Our main focus is on boosting the economy and procurement is a key arm in our wider growth strategy.

“There is an impression across the country that public sector contracts can only be won by big, national companies which employ their own procurement experts to fill in the forms, but that simply isn’t true. We awarded over a third of contracts to local companies last year; well above the national average of around one-fifth.

‘’We would encourage any businesses interested in securing this contract or associated sub-contracting opportunity, to attend the event and have an informal chat with our procurement team.”

If you are interested can you please book a place by emailing