Round the world with Charles

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22 Dec 2016 - 14:35

An Argyll and Bute Council employee found world-wide fame when his photograph appeared in media across the globe as part of the administration of the  EU Referendum in Argyll and Bute .

Charles Reppke, who is originally from Campbeltown but now lives in Tarbert, is the Council’s Head of Governance and Law.

When the  Council’s Communications Team received a request from a photo journalist wanting to showcase the work of the election team, they arranged for Charles to be photographed delivering a ballot box to the island of Gigha just days before the EU referendum. But no one had any idea that the photo would spread so far.

Within days, images of Charles holding the box whilst on the ferry from Tayinloan to Gigha had spread internationally.

The photograph and story appeared in newspapers across the world, including America, South Africa, Norway, Venezuela, Spain, France, Germany and Latvia. The image even featured in The Wall Street Journal’s top 10 photos of the day as well as on the front page of Indonesian newspaper, Kompas.

Not only was this an opportunity to show the excellent work of the election team, it also provided an wonderful opportunity to promote Argyll and Bute as a beautiful place to live, work and visit

Talking about the campaign, Charles said: “Elections take a lot of organising so it was extremely encouraging to see our hard work for the EU Referendum getting so widely recognised.

“Argyll and Bute is such a diverse area and the logistics of ensuring all the ballot boxes were delivered and then subsequently collected, particularly to our islands, was as with every election, quite a task. Although it was my photograph that appeared, it was very much a real team effort.”