Proposals for a new zebra crossing in Rosneath

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7 Dec 2016 - 10:58

At its December meeting Argyll and Bute Council’s Helensburgh and Lomond Area Committee will consider a proposal to install a pedestrian crossing outside the Co-op in Rosneath.

As well as the crossing, it is also proposed to install bollards to stop cars parking on the footway.

Councillor Robert G MacIntyre, Depute Policy Lead for Roads and Amenity Services, explained the thinking behind the proposal:

“Argyll and Bute Council is committed to ensuring the safety of all those who use our road network; drivers and pedestrians alike.

“This will make it easier and safer for people to cross the road. It will also reduce the speed of traffic going through the village – something which is obviously to be welcomed.

“With similar pedestrian crossing points in Kilcreggan and Garelochhead it’s only right and proper now with the new Co-op and pavement built, and the old community building demolished, we look to move forward with plans for a formal crossing point.

“There are certain criteria we consider when thinking about a pedestrian crossings, including local needs.  There are clear local needs in Rosneath – the B833 splits the village in half, with the area outside the Co-op being the main crossing point for local children to walk to and from school and for elderly and high school pupils to cross to the bus stop.

“If this goes ahead it will be good news for Rosneath and another exciting development in the local footway network following last month’s news of funding to develop plans for a path between the caravan park and the village.”

With bollards, the crossing itself, the installation of a high friction surface on the approaches and the power supply for the lighting the improvements will cost around £20,000, paid for from the council’s roads maintenance budget for Helensburgh and Lomond.

The area committee meets on Wednesday 14th December.