Planning application for new social housing in Oban approved

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15 Dec 2016 - 10:11

A planning application for much needed new social housing in Oban was approved yesterday (Wednesday 14th December) by Argyll and Bute Council’s Planning, Protective Services and Licensing (PPSL) Committee.

The application for six two-storey houses east of Hayfield brings the number of units on that site to 18, all affordable; significantly more than the 25% which is required in the council’s local development plan.

Councillor David Kinniburgh, Chair of the PPSL, said:

“We were happy to approve this application. The council’s planning service is about making things happen, supporting sustainable economic growth and regeneration.

“This planning approval, in keeping with the council’s local development plan and national planning policy, is great news for people in and around Oban who are looking for good-quality, affordable housing.

“It’s also good news for people who work in construction – new developments support local joiners, plumbers, builders, electricians and so on.”

Councillor Robin Currie, Policy Lead for Housing, welcomed the news, saying:

“This is a very exciting time for housing in Argyll and Bute. With 554 new affordable homes having already been created, and plans for up to another 650, this will go a long way to addressing the housing shortage.

"The creation of additional housing is also good for employment, particularly jobs in the construction sector; it will create a more effective operation of the local housing system; contribute to improving general health and wellbeing; and stimulate community regeneration and sustainability.

“The average house in Argyll and Bute costs £146,000. Not everyone can afford this so, by creating more affordable housing it will attract and retain residents and employees for local businesses, in line with the overarching goals of attracting people to live and work in our beautiful area.”