Helensburgh’s Outdoor Museum shortlisted for Arts and Business Award

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8 Dec 2016 - 15:32

The innovative Outdoor Museum, part of Helensburgh’s revitalised town centre, has been shortlisted for a prestigious Arts and Business Scotland Award.


The museum will be judged in the Enterprising Museum category – which recognises an innovative or entrepreneurial project that has delivered an ambitious high-impact museum experience in 2015-16.


Councillor Ellen Morton, Argyll and Bute Council’s Policy Lead for Infrastructure, said:


“It is a real achievement to be shortlisted for the Arts and Business Award and our Austin-Smith:Lord designed project is certainly worthy of inclusion. Many people, including local businesses and residents deserve the recognition for making this project happen and be such a success.


“Accolades like this are a real vote of confidence in the council’s work.”


WAVEparticle Lead Artist, Peter McCaughey said: “It’s fantastic that The Outdoor Museum has been nominated for this prestigious Arts and Business Award. There are brilliant projects from across Scotland in the running for this and to be nominated is great for everyone involved. It’s the latest in a series of awards and prestigious nominations this year, and our hope it that this makes the future of The Outdoor Museum undeniable and that each year we see wonderful additions to this alternative museum, embedded at the heart of Helensburgh”.

Graham Ross, Austin-Smith:Lord Partner, added: 

“Helensburgh Town Centre Public Realm demonstrates the positive impact town centre regeneration can have when good design interprets the hopes and ideas of local people who want to transform their town for the better. It continues to be hugely rewarding to see the project and key elements like the Outdoor Museum recognised by awards across different industry sectors. We are delighted to be shortlisted for the Arts & Business Scotland Awards which celebrate outstanding collaborations between the business and cultural sectors.”

The council’s regeneration of Helensburgh’s Town Centre has already won three other awards – including a Scottish Design Award. Completed in 2015, the bold project was undertaken to improve economic activity and enhance the visitor experience in the town using attractive and flexible public space. It can also support community events, festivals and markets.

The Arts and Business Scotland Annual Awards which celebrate outstanding collaborations between the business and cultural sectors - will be held in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Thursday, 23rd March 2017.