Council hosts cutting edge digital event for pupils

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6 Dec 2016 - 14:39

Pupils from primary schools across Argyll and Bute recently descended upon Inveraray for a cutting edge digital leader event.

Organised by Argyll and Bute Council’s Learning Technologies Team, the event saw 244 pupils from over 40 local primary schools take part in a number of workshops aimed at training pupils to become digital leaders who are able to support their peers and, perhaps even teachers, with technology in schools.

Supported by iTeach, workshops included training in leadership, digital creation, designing, coding and programming.

The Council’s Policy Lead for Education and Lifelong Learning, Councillor Rory Colville, said: “This was an innovative and inspiring event.

“It enabled pupils to apply the skills they learn in school to work context. With a growing number of employment opportunities for young people with an interest in digital technology, and more and more jobs relying on it, it is important that young people are confident in using technology.

“The young people who attended were extremely engaged in the work and their own learning. I look forward to seeing this great work developing further, with digital leaders supporting their peers in their own schools.”

The event ended with a prize draw for two mini drones.  The winning primary schools were Dalintober and Kilmodan.