Taking action on litter in Helensburgh and Lomond

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12 Aug 2016 - 11:28

Public meeting on Monday 22nd August, Victoria Halls, Helensburgh, 7pm to 9pm

Argyll and Bute Council has arranged a meeting to discuss partnership working in an effort to tackle the problems of both marine and land-based litter.

Representatives from a wide range of organisations including the Marine Conservation Society, Clyde Marine Planning Partnership, Keep Scotland Beautiful and Beach Watch Bute are expected to attend and share their expertise.

Anyone who is concerned about litter and wants to work together to take positive action is invited.

Councillor Ellen Morton, Policy Lead for Roads and Amenity Services, who will be chairing the meeting, said:

“Litter has a huge impact on our beautiful area, causing problems for the environment as well as having the potential to adversely affect the local economy – if people visit Argyll and Bute and have a negative impression then they’ll think again about coming back.

“Marine litter is proving to be a particular problem in towns like Arrochar, Garelochhead and Lochgoilhead. This meeting will agree positive joint actions to tackle this issue.

“We would ask anyone who takes pride in their area to come along and see what can be done to tackle this problem together. The council simply does not have the resources to tackle the issue alone – we need everyone who cares about this area to work together to build a positive future, starting with clean, tidy towns we can all be proud of.”

The meeting will coincide with the build-up to the Great British Beach Clean 2016, run by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS).

Catherine Gemmell from MCS said: “We heavily rely on active volunteers and communities to help tackle marine litter so we are delighted to have been invited along to talk about our beach cleaning and surveying project Beachwatch. There are several beaches being surveyed and cleaned throughout Argyll and Bute for Beachwatch but to help combat marine litter at its source we are encouraging more volunteers and communities to help us gather data to stop litter ending up on the beach in the first place.

“Anyone at all can help and we are especially looking for volunteers for this year's Great British Beach Clean event running from the 16th-19th of September. Whether you want to become a Beachwatch Organiser for your local beach, or just come along to one of our registered events, you can help make a difference to protect our beautiful beaches and amazing wildlife.  For more information and to sign up please go to www.mcsuk.org/beachwatch

Email communitydevelopment@argyll-bute.gov.uk or call 01436 658 735 for more information.