Argyll and Bute Council welcomes Islands Bill

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Published Date: 

25 Aug 2016 - 16:38


The Scottish Government’s proposed Islands Bill has been welcomed by Argyll and Bute Council.

Following the announcement by Islands Minister, Humza Yousaf that legislation to empower Scotland’s island communities will be progressed Councillor Len Scoullar, Provost of Argyll and Bute Council and chair of the Island Task Force and Policy Lead for Island Affairs, said:

“Argyll and Bute has 23 inhabited islands, each with its own distinct identity. The Council set up its own Island Task Force to identify and address the issues which affect them and has been working to take forward our own initiatives to ensure we can attract people and boost the local economy.

“The Minister’s commitment to bringing forward legislation to empower Scotland’s islands during the next 12 months is really good news and we are pleased that the needs of our island communities will be considered at a national level.”

The proposed Bill will be shaped by the findings from a recent consultation and aims to provide lasting benefits for islands communities.

Councillor Scoullar concluded: “The creation of the Islands Strategic Group is an important step in acknowledging the unique needs of our islands as well as providing the support required to facilitate further empowerment. Argyll and Bute Council is looking forward to being closely involved in shaping the legislation.”

Mr Yousaf said: “The group will also focus on the development of a National Islands Plan, which will ensure the Government’s commitment to further empower the Scottish islands will be tailored specifically by those who will be most affected, taking into account the challenges and opportunities of island life.”