Argyll and Bute Council is getting ready for winter

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11 Aug 2016 - 16:19

Argyll and Bute Council has set out its winter maintenance arrangements with the agreement of the winter policy for 2016/17.

Councillor Ellen Morton, Policy Lead for Roads and Amenity Services, said: “Despite the financial challenges the council faces we recognise that winter maintenance is a vital service which is why we have, as we did last year, made an extra £500,000 available, meaning we have a budget of around £1,650,000 to keep Argyll and Bute moving during the winter months.

‘’With a robust winter maintenance policy again in place, a fleet of 40 vehicles, a salt stockpile approaching 15,000 tonnes and 12 road surface and weather monitoring stations Argyll and Bute Council will be ready for winter.

‘’When freezing conditions are forecast there are 31 priority routes which are pre-treated, or just over 750 miles of the road network; roughly equivalent to driving from Lochgilphead to Paris.

‘’Priority routes are chosen to maintain transport connections for as many communities as possible and fall into four categories, with the first three being pre-treated as required.’’

More detail on the treatment schedule is available in the committee report at:

Councillor Morton continued: ‘’Almost the entire road network in Argyll and Bute is looked after by the council. Bear Scotland look after the trunk roads in the area on behalf of Transport Scotland, the national transport body. Trunk roads are the A82, A85, A828, and the A83.

‘’Footways are also treated in times of heavy snow or persistent freezing conditions, as resources allow, on a priority basis, with urban shopping areas and precincts being treated first.

‘’Grit heaps and salt bins are provided where possible throughout the council area to help members of the public help themselves during periods of severe weather.

‘’We are committed to delivering as good a winter service as we can, as far as the weather conditions and manpower allow. It is not possible to guarantee that all of a given route will be completely treated which is why a winter weather ready webpage and leaflet have been prepared, giving people useful tips on winter preparation and driving.’’

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