Young people in Argyll and Bute on the path to sustainable employment above national average

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1 Sep 2015 - 14:22

Argyll and Bute Council has welcomed figures released this week which show that the number of young people in the area who are on the path to sustainable employment is well above the national average.

Participation measure figures, released by Skills Development Scotland, show that 91.2% of young people in Argyll and Bute aged between 16 and 19 are currently in employment, education or training – the national average being 87.6%. This means Argyll and Bute is in the top 10 of 32 local authority areas.

The data comes as a result of the Opportunities for All (OfA) pledge made by the Scottish Government to offer all young people in this age range support in seeking employment.

The Council’s Policy Lead for Education and Lifelong Learning, Councillor Rory Colville said, “Developing our young workforce is inextricably linked with Argyll and Bute Community Planning Partnership’s Single Outcome 3; Education, skills and training maximises opportunities for all.

"This report highlights the efforts that have been made to support young people by all partners that has enabled our young people to make positive progress and access appropriate pathways into work."

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