School Food Day 2015 puts Scottish fare on the menu for pupils

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25 Sep 2015 - 10:40

Catering managers at Argyll and Bute schools put on their thinking caps to provide even more tasty menus for dinner ladies to dish up on School Food Day, Wednesday 23 September.

With the emphasis on essential nutrition to feed growing bodies and stimulate active minds, primary and secondary school catering staff pulled out the stops in celebration of Scottish food as part of Scotland’s Year of Food and Drink 2015.

A tummy-rumbling array of delicious traditional Scottish fare, with an introduction for some pupils to less common dishes, was enjoyed the length and breadth of Argyll and Bute.

From tasty starters including Scotch broth and potato and leek soup, to mains of steak pie, stovies, and haggis, neeps and tatties(with a vegetarian haggis option), to mouth-watering deserts such as bread and butter pudding, clootie dumpling and shortbread, lunch was a veritable feast for pupils and staff.

For some the introduction of kedgeree, Cullen skink and cranachan was a new experience.

Some enjoyed vegetables grown in the school garden, others made jam with fruit from the school plum tree.

Argyll and Bute Council’s Policy Lead for Facility Services, Councillor Dick Walsh, said, “A key part of sustaining a thriving, diverse Argyll and Bute economy is making sure that our children and young people have the best possible start.

“The benefit of nutritious food, and educating pupils to make healthy choices at lunch time, is well established in helping them to make the most of their school day.”

All the council’s catering staff are fully qualified to provide nutritionally balanced meals to the highest standards, which has been acknowledged by the Soil Association which awarded the council its Catering Mark Bronze Award.

The regular school menu is designed largely by pupils, through consultation with them. The catering service run a programme of Pupil Focus Groups, to ensure that pupils are able to contribute to the menu's development, and it also gives them an understanding of having a balanced choice. Teaching staff, catering staff and parents have also contributed to the menu development.

You can see a selection of pictures from our schools enjoying School Food Day here.

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