Community dedication service, Luss, Sunday 13th September – how the event is running on the day

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9 Sep 2015 - 10:41

An event is being held in Luss on Sunday 13th September to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II becoming the United Kingdom’s longest reigning monarch.

Road closure

·         Pier Road will be closed from its junction with the Old A82 with access being maintained for local residents and emergency vehicles.

·         This is expected to last around 45 minutes from around 1230 to 1315 as a procession leaves from Luss Church with a pipe band travelling to the site of the Queen’s tree at the junction of the Old A82.

No parking

·         On both sides of Pier Road, from its junction with the Old A82 to the pier.

·         On both sides of Church Road, from its junction with Pier Road, southwards some 125 metres towards the church.

One way system (northbound)

·         On the Old A82 from the junction with School Road extending southwards some 180 metres.

·         An alternative route for southbound traffic will be arranged and signposted accordingly.

Alternative arrangements

Free resident parking arrangements will be put in place by the event organisers, in three alternative locations close by. These are:

·         The Loch Lomond Arms Hotel

·         At the rear of the General Store

·         The driveway of Dell Cottage (three spaces available)


·         1130 procession from Luss Pier to the Church.

·         1145 Church service.

·         1230 Procession from the Church to the dedication site.

·         1245 Dedication ceremony.


The traffic order covers the period 0800 to 1800 because the event programme was previously unclear and it is normal practice to specify a longer time period than is required.

The closure of Pier Road will only be in effect for around 45 minutes, when the signs are in place.