Provost’s personal message to Consul General de France

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16 Nov 2015 - 12:03

Argyll and Bute Council Provost Len Scoullar has joined voices from around the world expressing horror at the tragedy in Paris on 13 November.

In a handwritten, personal note, to Emmanuel Cocher, Consul général de France, Directeur de l’Institut français d’Ecosse, in Edinburgh, Councillor Scoullar said, “I write on behalf of the people, staff and elected councillors of Argyll and Bute to say how sorry we all are with regard the terrible acts of violent terrorism perpetrated against the people in Paris on Friday night.

“May I ask that you convey our deepest sympathy to all who are in any way involved. Please tell them of our sadness that such a terrible thing has happened to them and that they will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.”