Argyll and Bute Council and Gallanach Green Generation Ltd. (GGG) to discuss best way forward for wind turbine development on Coll

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29 May 2015 - 16:48

Planning consent (reference number 11/01915/PP) was granted for the erection of a 77-metre tall wind turbine at Gallanach Farm, Isle of Coll following a public hearing in October 2012. The developer has since been working with the council to discharge various conditions that needed to be addressed prior to the development commencing on site.

Officers were made aware of alleged unauthorised works that have been ongoing at Gallanach Farm over the bank holiday weekend at the beginning of May. They visited the site at the earliest possibly opportunity and took the necessary steps – the serving of an interdict - to ensure the work was halted.

This interdict has now been lifted by the sheriff following a hearing in Oban yesterday (Thursday 28th May) but has served its purpose – giving the developer and the council the opportunity to begin negotiations on a positive way forward.

Planning permission for this project has been granted, and, as such, the council will now be looking to work with GGG to ensure the development goes ahead in an appropriate fashion which supports the developer’s ambitions while protecting the interests of the wider community.