Argyll and Bute Council is looking for an operator for the new Campbeltown Berthing Facility

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10 Mar 2015 - 11:21

People in Campbeltown are invited to bid for the contract to run the newly improved Campbeltown Berthing Facility on behalf of Argyll and Bute Council. The tender has now been published on the Public Contracts Scotland website and can be accessed here:

If you are not already registered as a supplier you will need to register here:

Returns must be submitted by Friday 27th March.

The council would like to encourage anyone interested in operating the new facility to contact the procurement team on 01546 604187 for more information.

The project will see both berthing and on-shore improvements which will make the marina a more attractive sailing destination.

GSS Marine Services, of Rosneath, has been appointed to carry out the berthing and on-shore improvement work.

The new pontoon layout will have a total of 54 berths – 10 at finger pontoons, 28 alongside berths and 16 additional berths by rafting – and provides a flexible layout which can accommodate larger craft.

This new layout will see the main leg shortened to bring the berthing more in to the lee of the quay as well as the addition of an angled concrete breakwater to protect the more northerly berths.

The new on-shore facility will include male, female and family toilets and showers as part of creating a more attractive contemporary offer for yacht owners as well as resident boat users.

This represents a huge improvement to the current facility which currently provides lay alongside berthing for up to 18 vessels, up to 38 when including triple rafting, which is considered as an unattractive option for many visitors , has limited capacity for larger vessels, is open to strong easterly winds and has very limited on-shore facilities.

By incorporating finger berthing, some potential berthing for larger vessels and an on-shore toilet and shower block the facility will be transformed into a small but credible transit marina that should appeal to a wide variety of visiting craft.