Remedial works to the road surface at Argyll Street in Lochgilphead

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Published Date: 

30 Jun 2015 - 16:58

Argyll and Bute Council’s roads team will be carrying out further works to the bottom half of Argyll Street in Lochgilphead within the next fortnight after a manufacturing issue with the tarmac became apparent.

Unfortunately materials do fail on rare occasions but this may not come to light until after they are laid. In this instance the tarmac had been overheated during the manufacturing process meaning it did not bind correctly after it cooled, leading to the surface breaking up once traffic was allowed to run on it.

The supplier, Breedon, has moved speedily to allow us to rectify the problem and will be providing new material free of charge and meeting our costs for the additional work.

The roads team will be moving as quickly as possible to lay the new surface and scheduling the work for a time which will cause least inconvenience to the public. It is currently expected to take around two days, weather permitting. 

We would like to thank people in advance for their patience and understanding during the work.

This scheme is part of the council’s £4million roads reconstruction programme for 2015/16.