New green machine for Helensburgh town centre

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Published Date: 

23 Jun 2015 - 16:45

People in Helensburgh can look forward to their town centre staying clean and tidy after Argyll and Bute Council ordered a new green machine for exclusive use in the town.

A mechanical walk behind sweeper is expected to arrive in around eight weeks, with the existing hire machine being used until then. The council has also ordered a new mechanical floor scrubber which will be shared between key town centres across the area on a two-month scheduling basis. This is expected to arrive and be ready for use within the next fortnight.

Policy Lead for Roads and Amenity Services, Helensburgh Councillor Ellen Morton, welcomed this news, saying: ‘’This is great news. The council has invested millions in Helensburgh town centre’s public spaces so it makes sense to buy the right equipment, from the regeneration budget, to keep those free of litter. Our amenity services team in Helensburgh works very hard, but the staff numbers have reduced over the years because of budget pressures, so any machines we can buy in that help them are welcome.

‘’The additional machine is for cleaning the pavements and has been paid for from the central amenity budget and will be shared across town centres, adding another level of robustness to the amenity operation throughout Argyll and Bute.  It’s not the type of machine you can use every day; because of the high pressure it could damage the surface, so it is being held as a central resource to be used in towns on a two-month schedule.

‘’One of the key focuses in the community planning partnership’s single outcome agreement is the forging of strong communities. A strong community is one that takes pride in its town. The council is taking all the measures it can to keep Helensburgh streets clean and tidy but we would encourage people to work with us in doing this, to act responsibly by putting their litter in the bins provided and cleaning the areas immediately outside their premises. ‘’


Details on the green machine:

  • Sweep sidewalks and other public spaces without disrupting patrons, employees or guests
  • Clean where other large city cleaning machines cannot - under planters, around benches, and in other hard to reach areas
  • Clean longer as the sweeper reduces broken glass, leaves, and other litter to one third their original size

Key machine features of the Green Machines 400 Series Air Sweeper

  • Open sightlines and sweeper manoeuvrability allow effective cleaning around people and obstacles
  • Compacting waste to one third its original size reduces dump cycles and means more areas can be cleaned in less time

Details on the floor scrubber:

The 5680 delivers excellent down pressure and pad RPM for consistent cleaning results to help improve facility image and provide a safe environment – all in an easy to use and maintain walk behind floor scrubber.

Further information on these machines is available at: