Council values volunteers contribution to stronger communities

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10 Jun 2015 - 11:28

Argyll and Bute Council was happy once again to host the annual Volunteer of the Year Awards, organised by Argyll Voluntary Action, and which celebrate the very best in volunteering.

Chief Executive Sally Loudon welcomed 100 people from all over Argyll and Bute. She said, “At Argyll and Bute Council we have a track record in being positive about our communities. Our Single Outcome Agreement has an overall aim to stop populations decline in the area and increase economic growth.

“Economic growth is not just about paid jobs; our community planning partnership recognises that a good economy in the area relies on active, healthy and vibrant communities. We recognise the importance of individuals and value the time given by volunteers to support this.”

Provost Len Scoullar presented the Young Achiever Awards to Marcus Marr (Oban), to Individual Volunteer of the Year John Webb (Helensburgh) and to Gary North and Carol MacDiarmaid of Dunoon Link Club who collected the prize for Organisation of the Year.

He said, “The contribution made to our communities by volunteers is impossible to quantify. The council supports the recognition of these marvellous, committed and modest individuals and groups in the work they do to build and support the communities which are the future of Argyll and Bute. The stronger our communities are, the better we are able to continue to develop and prosper. I take my hat off to them – they deserve the recognition these annual awards provide.”