Argyll and Bute Integration Joint Board

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1 Jun 2015 - 14:03

Would you like to help shape the future of health and social care for the residents of Argyll and Bute?

The Integration Joint Board is the management board of the new Health and Social Partnership, which from 1st April 2016, will take forward the strategic planning, management and operational delivery of health and social care services.

One of its key responsibilities is the production of the 3 year Strategic Plan for NHS and Care services in Argyll and Bute, which details how services need to change to meet the future need and demand for health and care services to meet our vision “That people in Argyll and Bute will live longer, healthier, happier, independent lives”

We are seeking 4 non-voting Board members, who will be able to represent and promote the interests of the general public (2 members) and carers (2 members).

The commitment varies but is approximately 6 hours monthly, with additional time required for personal preparation, travel, and communication with the groups, networks and individuals.

This is a non paid position; however, travel and subsistence expenses will be fully reimbursed in line with NHS Highland Volunteering Policy.


For further information or an application pack please contact:


Claire Kennedy

Oban Education Office

Dalintart Drive


PA34 5JL


Tel: 01546 604685



Closing date: Monday 15th June 2015