Access to learning made easier for all ages

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4 Jun 2015 - 17:00

People of all ages will have easier access to the opportunities available through community-based learning thanks to an innovative action plan for Argyll and Bute which has been developed by the Community Learning and Development (CLD) Partnership.

A specially created website will soon be available for anyone to find out what community activity and learning is going on in their local area, as well as having the chance to comment on the plan, and search for information.

Argyll and Bute Council’s Policy Lead for Gaelic, Community and Culture, Councillor Robin Currie, said, “The CLD Partnership works to respond to what young people, adults and community groups say they want to learn, and deliver it in the right places at the right times. With this plan we aim to help people make positive changes in their lives through learning which will be developed taking their own individual needs into account, and ensuring that anyone who is disadvantaged has the access to CLD support they need.

“Community learning and development includes a huge variety of informal and formal learning, delivered locally in our communities by a wide range of agencies. It encompasses learning in its widest possible sense, for all age groups at any level, including early years, school educations, youth work, college and community-based learning and development.”

The web-based action plan was inspired by an original idea from Argyll and Bute Council’s Community Learning Manager, supported by funding from Education Scotland. Developing the initial idea for the plan has been a collaborative process between Argyll and Bute, East Dunbartonshire and West Dunbartonshire Councils.

The CLD partners include Argyll College, Argyll and Bute Council, Argyll Voluntary Action, Fire Scotland, JobCentre Plus, NHS, Police Scotland and Skills Development Scotland.