Planning application submitted for the new Kirn Primary School

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10 Jul 2015 - 14:36

One of Argyll and Bute Council’s flagship new school projects took a step forward this week as the planning application for the new Kirn Primary School was submitted.  


The new school is being delivered by Argyll and Bute Council in partnership with hub North Scotland Ltd and the Scottish Futures Trust through the Scottish Government’s Schools for the Future Programme.


Councillor David Kinniburgh, policy lead for planning, explained the statutory planning process: ‘’The planning consultation period will take place once the formal application has been validated by our planning officers.


‘’While this is obviously a council project we will treat this planning application in exactly the same way as we would any other, in the context of our local development plan and any other material planning considerations such as Scottish planning policy.’’


Following the validation of the planning application, full details will be available at:


The new primary school has been designed for 320 primary pupils, together with an early years facility with 30 spaces. The project will see the refurbishment of the original 1881 school building, the demolition of the later 1950’s extensions and the construction of the new primary school building in their place which will include classroom accommodation, a library, dining facilities and a sports hall.


The development also allows the opportunity to provide a better outside environment, suitable for both learning and play activities, with increased car parking and a new pupil drop-off area.