Online form makes it easy to tell council of changes in circumstances

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3 Jul 2015 - 10:20

People who receive housing benefit or council tax reduction can now go online to tell Argyll and Bute Council about changes in their circumstances.

The council has created a new online form designed to be easy to fill in and submitted with one click.

Changes in circumstances can affect the amount of Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction people are entitled to. It’s important to notify the council about changes at once to avoid the need for having to repay an overpayment of benefit or, at worst, face a fine or prosecution. 

The council’s depute Policy Lead for Customer Support, Councillor Gary Mulvaney, said, “The council wishes to make it as easy as possible for our customers to tell us about changes which helps us make sure you get the right amount of benefit. We understand fully that people on low incomes can ill-afford to repay overpayments so we want to help our customers lessen the chances of being in this position. 

“More and more of us are routinely using computers and have access to the internet both in our homes and on the move via mobile devices; so we are confident that these new ways of telling us about changes will be welcomed by our customers.”

The council will monitor how the new online form is working, both for customers and staff.

On contacting the council, customers should now expect to be reminded about their duty to give details of changes in circumstances – a duty set out in the declaration signed by customers when they fill in their claim form for Housing Benefit/Council Tax Reduction. 

To notify the council of changes please use the new online form; you will find the form at