Helensburgh Town Clerk features in January Painting of the Month

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27 Jan 2015 - 13:35

Argyll and Bute Council’s first Painting of the Month for 2015 is Sir James Guthrie’s study of George Maclachlan, Esq, Helensburgh Town Clerk.

George Maclachlan was born in Helensburgh in 1823, and was appointed Town Clerk of the Burgh Council in 1847, an office he held until he retired in 1906.

Sir James Guthrie, President of the Royal Scottish Academy and a Rhu resident, painted this portrait in 1906. A favourite quote from the painter was that his sitter was prone to nod off during the sittings. The original now hangs in the Council Chamber of the Municipal Buildings on Sinclair Street.

A solicitor, George Maclachlan’s office is now the site of the Royal Bank of Scotland. He and his wife Elizabeth had eleven children, all born in Helensburgh.

The painting is oil on canvas measuring 91.7 x 70 cm, and is displayed in the former Helensburgh Council Chamber, Sinclair Street.

For information about the Maclachlan Dynasty of Town Clerks of Helensburgh for 110 years from 1846 – 1956 visit