Council bids for share in home energy efficiency cash

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12 Jan 2015 - 15:43

Argyll and Bute Council is bidding for a slice of £60 million Scottish Government grant to make people’s homes warmer in 2015.

This could mean a minimum of £1,393,112 to help vulnerable households who are living in fuel poverty with energy efficiency improvements such as solid wall, cavity and loft insulation.

The council’s Policy Lead for Housing, Councillor Robin Currie, welcomed the opportunity to bid for this funding. “Caring for vulnerable people is a key priority for the council in building strong and safe communities. Fuel poverty is increasing in Argyll and Bute making the success of bidding for this grant a high priority. We can’t control fuel prices but we can help people stay warm in their homes and cut energy bills.

“We are working with our partners ALIenergy in putting together a robust bid for this funding, in line with every other Scottish local authority. Ideally this funding will be in place in the spring allowing work to be done on qualifying houses in time for the onset of next winter.”

The grant is part of the Scottish Government’s £94 million energy efficiency budget for 2015 and has a key role in tackling fuel poverty.

For information on how to save money and insulating your home visit ALIenergy’s website at or the Home Energy Scotland website at