Meeting challenges and achieving progress

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13 Feb 2015 - 16:32

ARGYLL and Bute Council has set a budget for 2015/16 which is meeting challenges and achieving progress with a clear focus on building a prosperous economy through a growing population.

The 2015/16 budget is part of the local authority’s two-year stability period, used specifically for strategic financial planning for the funding challenges which all councils will face from 2016.

Council Leader, Councillor Dick Walsh, said: “In the year ahead we must continue our work in planning for the choices needed to meet the significant funding reductions from 2016.

“What this council is demonstrating, however, is that whatever resource limitations we face, we can achieve progress and change where it is needed.”

Pointing to the millions of pounds of investment that the council is making in regenerating communities across Argyll and Bute, Councillor Walsh added: “Effective financial planning underpins the progress we are making. We are doing what we committed to do through the Single Outcome Agreement – building a prosperous economy through a growing population.

“During the first year of stability, we have identified a series of actions we will take to maximise the resources that we have and put them to the best possible use for our communities.

“The financial climate is very challenging but this council is in a position to invest in creating the prosperous future that Argyll and Bute deserves.”

With between £27.5m and £37.5m savings to be made in the five years from 2016/17, Councillor Walsh warned that difficult decisions will still have to be made – but affirmed that these will be “responsible, considered decisions that are in the interests of all of Argyll and Bute.”

One per cent savings (£1.822m) will be applied across all council services as part of the 2015/16 budget.

Reiterating the council’s priorities, Councillor Walsh concluded: “We have a financial strategy in place to underpin and create opportunities for growth. We are turning determination into action and results. This council is meeting challenges and achieving progress for Argyll and Bute.”

The council approved the Service Plans and Revenue Budget outlined in the report below.  The total revenue budget for 2015/16 is £244.231m. Council tax remains unchanged with Band D set at £1,178. Proposals for increased fees and charges were also agreed and the council’s General Fund Reserves contingency is set at 1.5 per cent (equivalent to £3.658m).

The council’s budget packs and full details can be found here.

A copy of the council Leader’s full speech is also attached.

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