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4 Dec 2015 - 15:59

Argyll and Bute Council has completed a Curriculum Review of the senior phase, in partnership with pupils, staff, professional associations/unions and parents/carers. This year the first group of pupils sat the new higher qualifications and, whilst the outcome for many pupils was positive, there was a significant level of parental concern that the experience was not so positive for a number of pupils. In light of this concern the council undertook a review of the curriculum model.

The review examined all aspects of the Senior Phase curriculum including:  curriculum structure; the current presentation policy (i.e. the approach to matching pupils to their most appropriate exam qualification level); attainment and achievement; communication; tracking and monitoring; support for pupils; positive destinations and the school ethos. 

Education Scotland was also invited to join the review team to contribute challenge, knowledge and advice.

Policy Lead for Education, Councillor Rory Colville, said: “We welcome the findings of the review and the clear actions set out in the report and would like to thank parents, pupils, staff and Education Scotland for their valuable contributions. We want to work in partnership with parents, staff and pupils to ensure that our young people are supported to succeed and reach their full potential.

“The findings recognised many positive aspects to the current model but also identified a range of improvements that will be implemented. Amongst a wide range of improvements the school will look to apply greater flexibility in the delivery of the current curricular pathways; improve tracking and monitoring of individual pupil progress to inform early and appropriate interventions and improve engagement with parents and pupils to develop a shared understanding of assessment and presentation policies.

‘’Wherever possible we have taken action as the review has progressed. A full outline of the findings and proposed actions can be found in a report to the Community Services Committee, available on the council website tomorrow. The committee will consider this paper at its meeting on Thursday 10th December.’’

Letters from the council and from Education Scotland are being sent to all parents today (Friday 4th December) advising of the findings and individual family appointments are being offered to all families with pupils in the senior phase to discuss their own progress, options and choices.

Copies of these letters are attached for information.