Improvements for travelling public in Oban and Lorn

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14 Aug 2015 - 16:10

An earlier visit to the town centre and shops is now possible for users of the 410 Oban Sunday Service.

It is now available for passengers as soon as it leaves the Glengallon Road bus garage in the morning and on the final journey back to the depot in the evening, saving users the walk to the bus stop at Soroba/Lunga Road.


Service 416 has been extended to serve the new housing development at Catalina Avenue.


There will be a shorter wait for passengers at Longsdale, now Services 417 and 416 have been rescheduled to provide a half hourly service.


Service 418 is once again providing a minimum of three services both northbound and southbound serving Barran Estate.


All these changes are effective from 19 August 2015