Celebration event for the completion of the Rothesay Townscape Heritage Initiative

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31 Aug 2015 - 16:40

Free Big Lunch-style final event exhibition and picnic at Rothesay Castle on Saturday 5th September from 12pm – 3pm

Everyone is invited to bring food to share and picnic in the castle grounds

People in and around Rothesay are invited to Argyll and Bute Council’s celebration of the £2.6million THI project which has breathed new life into the town centre.

The event will see free ice cream on offer to the first 100 people who fill out an evaluation form, an exhibition of the work done over the past four and a half years, a bouncy castle, Food from Bute, live music and free teas, coffees and shortbread.

Provost of Argyll and Bute, Rothesay-based Councillor Len Scoullar, invited people along to the event, saying: ‘’The THI has been a real transformational project, delivered on time and within budget, making a vast improvement in and around Guildford Square, the marine gateway to the island.

‘’On a Big Lunch theme, we are aiming to get as many people as possible to join their neighbours for a community celebration of friendship and fun, which is what the THI project has been all about – involving the community in the regeneration of their town.

‘’Not just about buildings, this project has been about people. Building owners have worked closely with their neighbours and with the council to safeguard our historic properties, keeping quality retail and residential space in the town centre. With this private commitment over £4million has been spent.

‘’It’s because of the success of this project that the council is moving forward with a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund for a further £2million to continue the good work. This bid has now been submitted and we are hopeful we will hear positive news from HLF soon.’’


The project will finish on time and on budget in March 2016 and has a common fund pot of £2.6million:

·         Heritage Lottery Fund - £1.5million

·         Argyll and Bute Council - £560,186

·         Historic Scotland - £499,933

·         LEADER - £93,777

When owner contributions are added, the total investment increases to £4million.

A total of 68 grants have been awarded to:

·         Help with the cost of redeveloping a prominent gap site

·         Return 4 tenements to a good state of repair

·         Make repairs to 9 smaller scale buildings

·         Restore 10 shopfronts