Argyll and Bute Council is inviting people to propose names for the new East Clyde Street building

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25 Aug 2015 - 16:47

Argyll and Bute Council has welcomed public interest in its new East Clyde Street building and is inviting local people to propose names for the new venue.

The building will provide a one-stop-shop for key council services, space for community groups, and a stunning marriage suite for couples, families and friends to celebrate their special days.

It has a café, gallery and meeting rooms. Outside, there are landscaped grounds open for public use, including an outdoor events and marriage area, and a community garden.

The project has been supported by the Anderson family who agreed that money from the sale of the old Templeton Library could be used for the community annexe in the new building.

The building is almost complete. The Council is working with its contractors and all parties involved in resolving outstanding issues.

Chair of Argyll and Bute Council’s Helensburgh and Lomond Area Committee, Councillor Gary Mulvaney  said: “This building is set to play a key part in the civic and community life of people in Helensburgh, for people who choose it as a wedding venue, for community groups who use it for recreation purposes and for people who use the council services it houses. The Council therefore invested in and will deliver a high quality venue. We are working with all parties involved to ensure that Helensburgh gets a venue that is enjoyable for all to use and that the community can be proud of.”

Now, the council would like to hear your ideas for the naming of the building, whether for the building as a whole, or for any of the three key parts – its council service delivery section, the community use space, or the marriage suites.

Councillor Mulvaney, said, “This state of the art venue is another example of the council’s commitment to investing in Helensburgh and Lomond. It will give local people a centralised one-stop-shop for key services as well as a range of indoor and outdoor community spaces. This building will bring real benefits to our communities, making it easier for people to make contact with the council and find out about our services.

“An important part of the process has been listening to the views and wishes of local people which played an important part in developing the design of the building, in particular recognising the importance of the former school to the community.

“Now we are asking the community to become involved once more in the development of their new building; its name. This is your new building with all its facilities – and we hope you will share your ideas with the council.”

Please send your ideas to not later than Friday 11 September.