Air quality testing in council premises

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18 Aug 2015 - 11:29

Work to keep council premises safe for use will extend this week to include measuring levels of radon in the air.

Radon is a naturally occurring gas often present in the open air, buildings and homes at concentration levels that have no impact for people or air quality.  If levels are sufficiently high, action can be taken to reduce radon concentrations.

Monitoring for radon levels happens in buildings across the country. On the rare occasions that action is required, this will typically involve minor works to improve building ventilation.

The Council is putting detectors in buildings that have a range of different uses, from offices, to schools and other premises. These detectors will record radon levels over a period of three months, to see if action should be taken to improve air quality. Testing is unobtrusive and will not disrupt teaching or business.

Radon levels are affected by different elements such as weather or the type of rock in the earth. No action is required by anyone using the premises being monitored.

Premises being monitored are:

Achahoish Primary School, Barcaldine Primary School, Council Offices, Hazelburn Business Park, Campbeltown, Old Quay Head Offices, Campbeltown, Burnett Building St John’s Street, Campbeltown, Campbeltown Grammar school, Achaleven Primary School, Connel, Dunbeg Primary School, Lochnell Primary School, Benderloch, Gigha Primary School, 1A Manse Brae, Lochgilphead, Oban Airport, Community Education Offices, Dalintart Road, Oban, Eadar Glinn Residential Unit, Drummore Road, Oban, Council office, Mill Lane Industrial Estate, Oban, Glencruitten Hostel, Dalintart Road, Oban, Jackson’s Quarry, Roads Depot, Oban, Millpark Fleet Depot, Oban, Oban High School, Oban, Oban Primary Campus, Oban, Shellach View Children’s House, Soroba Road, Oban, Council offices, McCalls Terrace      Oban, Lorne Resource Centre and Lynside Day Care Centre and social work offices, Soroba Road, Oban, Willowview Offices, Soroba Road, Oban, Port Appin Ferry Crew Accommodation , Port Appin, Tayvallich Primary School, Tayvallich.