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29 Apr 2015 - 15:01


Argyll and Bute Council’s service choice process has taken another step forward with the first meeting of the project board.

Earlier this month, the Policy and Resources (P&R) Committee agreed that a Project Board should be set up, bringing together both administration and opposition councillors as well as trade union representatives, to drive forward the service choices process.

Service choices is about identifying action that will best address the challenges of making savings and investing in future prosperity for Argyll and Bute.

The board is made up of eight members of the council’s administration, four from the opposition and two trade union representatives.

Following on from the P&R Committee noting a report on exploratory savings targets, the board met on 28th April to lay the groundwork for progressing the service choices process, based on all of the council’s £244 million net revenue budget being subject to review.

The next steps for the council are to set the level of savings for services. This will happen at a special meeting of the P&R Committee in June. From there the board will work together to produce detailed proposals for savings.

All councillors and members of the public will have the opportunity to give their views before final decisions are made on future service delivery. Detailed proposals will be developed by the board for discussion with all elected members.  Proposals will go to the Policy and Resources Committee in October and, if approved, will then be considered by the full council later the same month.  The council will then seek the views of people and communities on these proposals through a consultation exercise.

Councillor Dick Walsh, Leader said: “The focus of board members is firmly on working together to identify the best options for our communities and the future of Argyll and Bute. There are various stages to work through before final decisions are made. At this point no options are off the table.

“It is a fact that no council can do as much for our communities as we would like to do. The service choices process is about looking at all areas of the council’s work, and identifying how we can best match resources to service delivery and future prosperity.”


•             Chair of the project board is Councillor Dick Walsh

•             Elected members are: Councillors Robin Currie, Alex McNaughton, Roddy McCuish, Aileen Morton, Ellen Morton (Elaine Robertson currently   covering), Gary Mulvaney, Len Scoullar, Sandy Taylor, Richard Trail, Iain MacLean, and Gordon Blair.