Argyll and Bute’s young leaders of the future

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8 Apr 2015 - 16:02

Young leaders trainingA group of young people from across Argyll and Bute are stepping out in their communities with increased confidence, new skills and qualifications after completing a leadership training programme.

Thirteen young people from Oban and Lorn, Mid Argyll, Bute and Cowal, Helensburgh and Lomond came together at the beginning of March to take part in leadership training designed and delivered by Argyll and Bute Council’s Youth Services team, in partnership with YouthLink Scotland.

The Leadership Skills Training Course offers young people the chance to build a whole range of new skills –self- expression, communication, team building, goal setting, personal motivation, social responsibility and more. It also covered practical sessions on child protection, health and safety and HeartStart – all delivered with a healthy dose of good fun.

This is the second year that the council has offered the leadership training programme to local young people. The latest training group are all active in youth groups across the area, including Argyll and Bute Youth Forum and YouthBank.  They will join the current twelve trained young leaders who work with the council’s Youth Services team to deliver holiday programmes, events, training and peer education for young people in their communities.

The programme is open to young people aged 15 and over and gives them the chance to discover their own potential and increase their confidence and skills.  It has proved to be a valuable and inspiring experience for the young people who took part in the most recent session.

“I learned skills that are so valuable and that I’ll never forget,” said Josh Marlow – sentiments echoed by Chelsea Black who added: “This is really going to help with my CV for the job I want.”

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