News Releases for 2014

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Headline Published
PE inclusion training benefits pupils and staff and wins national recognition 30/06/2014
Co-mingled waste set to go-live in Mid-Argyll, Oban and Lorn at the end of October 27/06/2014
Argyll and Bute Council gives go-ahead of the new Campbeltown Berthing Facility 27/06/2014
Argyll and Bute Council to submit CARS bid for Campbeltown 27/06/2014
Parade in Helensburgh - traffic arrangements, Saturday 28th June 27/06/2014
Bookbug Gàidhlig 26/06/2014
Gaelic Bookbug sessions go from strength to strength 26/06/2014
Four sporty Argyll and Bute schools land gold awards 26/06/2014
Mull primary are winners in Finest Woods awards 25/06/2014
Queen's Baton Relay on its way to Argyll and Bute 24/06/2014
Unique Wood Word project gives learners skills and confidence 24/06/2014
Dunoon wooden pier – update 23/06/2014
Summer jobs for young people – keep them safe 23/06/2014
Cardross Primary School win Scottish Kodu Kup 20/06/2014
Argyll and Bute Council’s planning service – supporting economic development and population growth 19/06/2014
Don’t miss out – book now for Mid Argyll Summer and Autumn Camps 2014 18/06/2014
Argyll and Bute School Staff Receive a Professional Development Award 17/06/2014
Rothesay Pavilion project moving forward 17/06/2014
Dunoon regeneration project takes a huge step forward 17/06/2014
Independent and confident children at Tobermory High School 16/06/2014
Council urges us to speak out for adults who need protecting 16/06/2014
Duaisean Saor-thagraichean Spòrs air a chuir air bhog airson Turas-phàirteach Làmhchrann na Bànrigh 16/06/2014
Earra-ghàidheal is Bhòid a’ deànamh deiseil airson turas-phàirteach làmhchrann na Bànrigh 16/06/2014
Council calls for more foster carers 13/06/2014
Achievements, projects and enterprise mark the school year in Bute and Cowal 13/06/2014
Argyll and Bute Council issues warning on shellfish: algal toxins 13/06/2014
Hundreds of active young athletes will participate in Youth Games 12/06/2014
Argyll and Bute Council issues warning on shellfish: algal toxins 05/06/2014
Sports Volunteer Awards launched for the Queen’s Baton Relay 04/06/2014
Argyll and Bute gets ready for the Queen’s Baton Relay 04/06/2014