Make sure your vote counts

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9 Sep 2014 - 15:43

Make sure your vote counts

Planning on voting in the referendum? Make sure your vote counts by putting a cross in only one box on your ballot paper.

You will receive a ballot paper showing the referendum question and two boxes. Show your choice by marking a cross (X) in one box only. If you mark more than one box, or put any other mark on the ballot paper, your vote may not be counted.

When you are at the polling station, if you spoil your ballot paper by mistake you can return it and ask for another one.  If you make a mistake with your postal vote you should contact the helpline number provided for assistance.

There is information about this on the back of your polling card. You can also find out more  at the Electoral Commission’s website,  – there is a dedicated page for the referendum as well as other guidance on what happens at polling stations and the voting systems used.

Please note that all of this information is purely about the voting process and not about what choice you should make.

Issued on behalf of the Counting Officer, Argyll and Bute